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Fleet Supporter's Trust Subscriptions 2016/17 - 20/07/16
The Fleet Supporters Trust has decided to align its subscription year with the football season.
Therefore subscriptions for the 2016/17 season will become due on 6 August, which is the date of the first home match vs Poole Town.
It is thought that having one renewal date for all members will be much easier for all concerned. The vast majority of members renew at the beginning of the season in any event. We accept that there may be some inconvenience for the few members who are used to renewing at different times throughout the year. Hopefully though that inconvenience will be reduced as the amount of annual subscription is unchanged.
The standard membership subscription for the 2016/17 season will be £10. It will be due on 6 August.
Members who ordinarily renew their subscriptions in the period from 1 January to the end of the season may, if they choose, just pay £5 for this season only. Again this will be due on 6 August. Future seasons will be at the normal rate and becoming due at the start of the season.  
Gold membership is also unchanged at £120 for this season. Gold Members who pay by standing order do not need to change their payment dates.
Junior Membership remains at £3 per season.
Members are generally encouraged to pay by standing order. The relevant form is on the Join the Fleet Trust section of the website.
If a subscription is not paid by 31 October, the membership will be considered lapsed.

So why join the Trust? 

There are a number of reasons as to why to be part of the Fleet Trust:-
Show your support for Ebbsfleet United Football Club
Receive regular updates via The Fleet Supporters' Trust website
Get discounted away travel on The Fleet Supporters' Trust organised coach.
Help to strengthen the links between The Fleet Supporters' Trust and The Club, more members means more prominence and more influence with the club management.
To take place in fundamental votes and in general meetings of The Trust. This gives you an opportunity to voice your opinion about Trust decisions and potentially decisions of the club.
To give you the right to stand for election to the board, to volunteer your services, which could really make a difference in the way The Trust is run.
Fleet Supporters' Trust Badge for all new members.
There are 4 levels of membership at The Fleet Supporters' Trust:

Standard Membership - £10 a year
Gold Membership - £120 a year
Junior Membership (under 16) - £3 a year
Family Membership (2 Adults & 2 Children, must be at the same address - £20
Benefits of being a member are cheaper away travel, further benefits will be announced in due course.

The Board are in the process of reviewing the benefits for each level of membership and we will be making an announcement about these new benefits shortly.

The Board would be very pleased to receive suggestions from Members as to the benefits they would wish to have for the four levels of membership. Please email with your ideas.
Methods to join: 

Physical payments can be made in The Fleet Trust Hut on a match day. For this method we can accept annual payments only.

Standing order
You can sign up via standing order directly through your bank. Simply fill in the registration form and return it to us in The Club Shop on a matchday. Alternatively please post it to us, using the address on the contact us page.

Join Online
Now you can join online via PayPal by selecting your membership option below.
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